Kharen Hill
Kharen Hill is renowned for her entertainment, advertising and music photography. Working with clients worldwide, Kharen has a presence she brings to the set. Her easy way with subjects, and her years of experience with the world of film and TV, actors, musicians and travel puts her within a select group of photographers. Kharen's ability to craft iconic images with lighting or available light, and her creative choices in selecting locations and environments makes her work unique, memorable and compelling. She brings directorial experience to her sets which helps focus her subjects to find a fluidity and motion in their poses and depth to their performances in both motion and stills. ​ Hill is an award-winning photographer for her celebrity portraiture in both PDN and Applied Arts magazines. Her advertising series documenting spinal chord injury in teens, which took her to emergency and rehab areas documenting these injuries for a North American campaign for prevention was awarded nationally in the US.